Amerlock Sealer

Amerlock Sealer is a penetrating sealer for marginally prepared steel and aged coatings. Its low viscosity and excellent wetting properties allow it to penetrate rust and discontinuities in existing coatings which in turn improves adhesion of subsequent topcoats. Amerlock Sealer has
excellent resistance to corrosive environments. Amerlock Sealer is also used as a concrete primer/sealer and as a concrete curing compound. When used as a concrete curing
compound, Amerlock Sealer is applied to concrete slabs immediately after pouring and finishing, or to formed concrete surfaces as soon as the forms are removed (three days after initial pour). Concrete must cure a minimum of 14 days (total) prior to topcoating with epoxy surfacers or coatings.

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Pitt-Guard Sealer

Pitt-Guard Epoxy Penetrating Sealer is a two component epoxy sealer formulated to penetrate, reinforce and seal rusty steel substrates while maximizing the adhesion of the primary coating system. When subject to incidental moisture contact, this product offers excellent clarity in cured films and minimal blushing or hazing. Ideal for situations where abrasive blasting is impractical, Pitt-Guard Epoxy Penetrating Sealer offers excellent wetting and wicking, low exotherm and can be directly applied to tightly adherent rust.

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