PPG Amershield and Amershield VOC

Amershield and Amershield VOC (less than 100 grams per liter) is an abrasion resistant and chemical resistant aliphatic acrylic polyester hybrid polyurethane.   Amershield is commonly used as an ultra-violet resistant top coat for Amerlock surface tolerant polyamide/polyamine hybrid epoxy, Amercoat 385 surface tolerant polyamide epoxy and Amercoat 68HS epoxy zinc rich primer.  Amershield is typically used on structural steel, gas turbines, enclosures, HVAC equipment, public use facilities, handrails, tank exteriors, wind towers, roof screens, pad mount switchgear and power generation facilities.

  • Unique, high-solids, high-build, multifunctional coating
  • Low VOC
  • Gloss, self-priming coating
  • Good gloss retention
  • Direct to metal and concrete in selected environments
  • Outstanding abrasion, reverse and direct impact resistance
  • Good chemical and stain resistance
  • Tough and flexible coating

Amershield displays color and gloss retention during extended service periods. The direct-to-metal capabilities of Amershield provide a single-coat system at reduced installation cost for use in protected environments. Compatible over prepared, smooth cold-rolled steel and abrasive blasted hot-rolled steel. Amershield has excellent abrasion resistance and is used on concrete pedestrian flooring providing a durable, easy-to-clean flooring system (not recommended for garage floors or hangar floors due to tire staining).  Amershield is often used over Amerlock® as a durable, weather-resistant topcoat for extra heavy duty service; over zinc-rich epoxy coatings as a direct topcoat; over intact, old paint as a maintenance coating.

Amershield Product Data Sheet

Amershield VOC Product Data Sheet