Organic Zinc Epoxy Primers

Amercoat 68HS and Amercoat 68HS VOC

Amercoat 68HS and Amercoat 68 HS VOC are high zinc content (85% in the dry film) anodic primers for bare steel on new construction or repair projects. Amercoat 68HS can also be used as a field maintenance primer over abrasive blasted steel or to repair inorganic zinc primers that have been damaged.  Typical intermediate and finish coats that can be applied directly over Amercoat 68HS and Amercoat 68HS VOC are Amercoat 385, Amerlock® 400, Amershield®, PSX® 700, PSX® 800 and PSX® 805 satin finish.   Amercoat 68HS and Amercoat 68HS VOC are commonly used in coating systems that meet ISO 12944 C5M and C5I.

Amercoat 68HS Product Data Sheet

68HS VOC Product Data Sheet

Amercoat 68HS Test Results

Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primers

Amercoat 385PA

Amercoat 385 is a high-performance epoxy coating forming a tough, abrasion-resistant, durable film. It adheres strongly to bare steel, coated steel and inorganic zinc silicate primed surfaces on new construction, repair and field maintenance projects. Amercoat 385 will also adhere to intact painted surfaces and tight rust and may be used to repair itself or inorganic zinc silicate primers.

Amercoat 385 provides an excellent barrier to corrosion; its inhibitive pigment version (385PA) affords corrosion inhibition at damaged areas. It has good chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in aggressive environments. Amercoat 385 is user friendly and can be applied by a variety of methods to produce a smooth, fast-drying film. It is suitable for immersion in both salt and fresh water at temperatures up to 140°F, continuous and can be used as a tank lining for alkaline and salt solutions and certain chemicals. Amercoat 385 may also be applied over aluminum, stainless steel, galvanizing, concrete and previously coated surfaces in addition to carbon steel.

Amercoat 385 Product Data Sheet